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What is specific for german cv?

1. Is a resume in German (CV auf Deutsch) and a German resume the same thing? You need to know that a CV in German and a German CV (Lebenslauf) are two completely different things! CV in German can be called your Polish CV translated into German (some people just

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How to create a CV which will help you get the job?

1. Choose the job offer All recruiters have the same requirements for a CV – the document must be relevant to the job offer. Therefore, your application must be complete and the important information must be arranged in the appropriate sections.  Please include other personal information in the resume: Tips:

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Demand for labour in the German market is on the rise

At the moment, there is a growing demand for employees on the German market. There are more and more job vacancies in various sectors (IT, banking, customer service) where German is the language of instruction. Employees are also in demand outside the country, and although there are jobs that do

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