Demand for labour in the German market is on the rise

At the moment, there is a growing demand for employees on the German market. There are more and more job vacancies in various sectors (IT, banking, customer service) where German is the language of instruction. Employees are also in demand outside the country, and although there are jobs that do not require a good knowledge of the language, especially for manual work, we strongly recommend learning the language. Europe is not bilingual anymore, where English will be the main foreign language. Knowing how to speak English is no longer an advantage for working in Europe – practically everyone knows how to speak English. Nowadays, knowledge of other West Germanic languages and dialects is in demand: German, Dutch, Swiss will be an asset. We have given you the opportunity to create a CV in German and Dutch without having to know them, and we would also like to give you tips on how to learn these languages in a practical way, quickly and at a low cost.

Of course, the best solution is to have a teacher, but you can do a lot of self-help:

  • Use language learning apps such as duolingo, busuu, babbel, etc.
  • Listen to German-language music so that you can become familiar with the intonation, pronunciation, and grammar – it will not be so difficult for you, 
  • Watch German movies with subtitles. You can turn on subtitles in any language on platforms like Netflix or HBO, 
  • Learn the keywords used in the industry you want to work in; this will make you feel confident when interviewing and help to ease into the job, 
  • Practice makes perfect and even the best of us make mistakes – take every opportunity to speak the language you are learning,
  • Look up words that you haven’t learned at school – about hygiene, health, you will need them if you feel unwell when you are abroad or in difficult situations,  
  • Remember that learning should be fun. Give yourself time, you’ll learn the most on the job anyway.

Please share your tips in the comments if you have any that we don’t know about,

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you to find a rewarding job.

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